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Ways to overcome common Summer Health Problems

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Contributed by : Dr. Sejal Shah
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Here are ways to overcome common summer health risks with simple precautions to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Summer is the season to relax de-stress and relish. It's a season for outing, attending marriages and parties and hangs with friends. But many times summer delectation is associated with incidence of health problems. Hottest sunrays, consuming outside food and drinks, and hot and windy weather bring lot of health risk which can spoil your vacation.
In medicine it is always says that "prevention is better than cure". So summer is the time to take extra precautions to protect your body from dangers of sun and make your vacation memorable.

Here are top 8 summer health risks and ways to prevent them.


Sunstroke, very commonly known as heat stroke is a serious medical condition that sometimes may turn out life-threatening. In sunstroke, the body's heat-regulating mechanism fails due to overexposure to high temperature in hot weather. Hence, body's core temperature rises which can lead to internal body damage. Patient presents with high body temperature, dry skin, dehydration, confusion, and short-rapid breathing.

To prevent sunstroke, limit your outdoor activities particularly during hottest part of day. Drink plenty of water and juices to hydrate your body. Take a time to get adjusted with new weather, so that body's temperature regulating system gets used to new climate.

Food poisoning:
As summer is a time for outing and camping for children, cases of food poisonings are at its verge. Summer activities lead to eating outside food and drinking contaminated water or road side juices. Mostly all these things are prepared under unhygienic kitchen conditions. Also high temperature favours fastest growth of bacteria in food stuff and can result in food poisoning.

Always carry water bottle from home. In case of eating or drinking outside, make sure the vendor maintains cleanliness at each and every step of food preparation and serving. Avoid overeating during summer to remain active especially at wedding and parties.

During sunny days as outside temperature starts to rise, roaming around in hot sun rapidly decline water level from body through breathing or perspiration resulting in dehydration. With dehydration you experience headache, being tired or feeling nauseating. Dehydration also increases chances of heatstroke as mentioned above.
Drink plenty of fluids to maintain body fluid level. Don't wait for to feel thirsty. Always keep homemade lemonade or ORS handy. Limit your alcohol consumption as it can cause more fluid loss.
Children can easily dehydrate, as their body is unable to adjust with temperature changes. So, offer your child with regular water and fruit juices. Take frequent water breaks during outside activities like sport.

Skin damage
During summer sun is at its hottest. Picnic or outing can expose your skin to harmful ultraviolet radiation. Researchers have shown that UV rays can cause wrinkles, premature ageing and even skin cancer.
To avoid UV induced skin damage apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or more before going outside and re-apply as and when needed. Wear loose fitting cloth covering hands and legs entirely and hat to minimize sun exposure.

Eye damage
Strong UV radiation in summer leads to eye damage. Wear sunglasses providing 100% UV protection while going outside. Don't forget to wear sunglasses especially near reflective surfaces like water.

Prickly heat
Excessive sweating in hot and humid weather gives rise to an itchy, bumpy rash with prickly sensation or sometimes results in small blisters.
Simply keep affected area in cool environment. Bath frequently and wear loose fitting cotton clothes that absorb sweat easily. Use appropriate talcum powder to relieve prickly heat. Don't use moisturizer on affected area as it can prolong rash. In severe case consults doctor.

Bad smelling perspiration
Perspiration or sweating is the body's natural way to get rid from overheating and keep your body cool. Hot weather increases sweating process and superimposed bacterial growth imparts very bad smell to body.
Use cotton clothes as they allow the skin to get enough air. Take bath frequently and change clothes twice a day to prevent bacterial growth. Use deodorant while going outside to suppress bad smell.

Skin infection- fangal infection
According to health report pu
Website: http://www.setuhealthcare.com


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