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Get in to Shape - Burn your Belly Fat

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Contributed by : Dr. Sejal Shah
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Here are great ways for you to reduce tummy fat and achieve healthy and fit body

bariatric-weight-lossFat deposition, especially around waist not only affects your over all personality, it can greatly impact your confidence and self-esteem also. In today's era of modernization and competition, your look and personality plays major role in your success, at professional and personal also. Everyone would like to have their spouse slim, fit and attractive.

So many times we have heard people saying that they have been not able to get in to shape in spite of trying all kinds of diet and exercise. However, to get in to shape and wear the latest outfit you wanted to wear since long, you need guidance from expert about exercise and a healthy balance diet.

A Graceful personality and fit toned body is always a centre of attraction at each and every event. Burning excessive fat from your tummy will be your greatest achievement in life. Here are some tips that will help to burn your belly ...

Pr-requisites to get started
Before starting your fight against belly's bulge you need to accomplish with following pre-requisites.

  • Identify cause for your belly's bulge

First identify exact cause for your belly's bulge. You can take expert's opinion for this. Researchers say inactivity, lack of exercise and poor dietary habits are mainstay for belly's bulge. Besides these excessive beer drinking (beer belly), stress and tension, poor sleep, persistent indigestion, menopause in women, slowed down metabolism with increasing age are suggestive reasons for abdominal obesity.

  • Motivation and Search for best

A quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" is enough to know importance of motivation in life. Same is true in medicine when it comes to achieve healthy body.

Motivation is a link that urges you to search reliable information regarding obesity, enhance knowledge, connect with experts in field and make analysis so that you can choose only best thing for you. Hence there are less chances of failure also.

Here is how to burn your belly's fat

Adopt healthy dietary pattern
Now a day concept of Mediterranean diet is in news. According to meta-analytic study  published in Journal ofAmerican College of Cardiology, Mediterranean diet has beneficial effects in reducing waist circumference and improving cholesterol and sugar levels.

Mediterranean diet pattern consists of

  • High consumption of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Olive oil is well known source for MUFA.
  • Daily consumption of fibre rich foods like fruits, green-leafy vegetables, whole-grain cereals along with low-fat dairy products.
  • Weekly consumption of fish, poultry, nuts and legumes. Fish is rich source of omega-3-fatty acid, which determines the rate of burning of body's fat.
  • Relatively low consumption of red meat due to high content of saturated fat and total protein
  • Moderate consumption of alcohol.

At Endocrine Society's 93rd Annual Meeting in Boston, a new study revealed that a modest reduction in consumption of carbohydrate foods may promote loss of deep belly fat, even with little or no change in weight.

Study conducting principal author Barbara Gower, PhD, a Professor of nutrition sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham said, "For individuals willing to go on a weight-loss diet, a modest reduction in carbohydrate containing foods may help them preferentially lose fat, rather than lean tissue."
You can get a variety of food-stuffs in low carbohydrate-food list.

Though you have enormous choices of doing exercises choosing perfect one for you is a little bit difficult task.
As per findings of Duke University study, performing vigorous aerobic activity


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Get in to Shape - Burn your Belly Fat
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