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Hair care during winter!

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Author : Dr.Sejal Shah
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Taking some easy preventive steps will help you to maintain the shiny hair even in the rough dry winters!

Hair is a noticeable part of our body, the condition of our hair reflects our personality. Healthy hair gives us younger look.

Winter weather conditions bring in cold dry air, which usually causes fizz and makes our hair dry and rough. Proper diet, adequate water intake, enough sleep and good hair care are must to keep hair healthy and lustrous; ignorance of these factors can leave your hair feeling very rough and dull. And if left unattended, the whole procedure of making dull hair again to shiny and healthy, can take a lot of time, also make a big hole in your pocket.

Let's know what causes the fizz or common reasons of dry and rough hair:

1. Exposure to dry and cold air outside as well as the indoor air that may become drier due to use of heater.
2. Improper diet - insufficient protein intake.
3. Less water intake
4. Dandruff due to dryness of scalp.
5. Exposure to harsh chemicals that are present in some shampoo, hair products used for hair straightening or coloring.
6. Over use of hair dryer Natural oil, which is produced in the scalp, sometimes does not reach the roots due to some reasons.

Here are some solutions that will help you get rid of dull, dry hair:

Healthy diet, enough intake of water, proper care of hair that includes oil massage, washing, conditioning hair, proper drying of hair and use of mild gentle hair care products play
important role in maintaining hair that shines.

Hair care

Head Massage: A good head massage is very beneficial. Apply a palm full of warm, either olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil on your scalp, keep it overnight, twice in a week to keep your hair silky soft. Do a good massage of scalp with tip of fingers in circular manner preferably. After that you can apply a towel soaked in hot boiling water around the head for few minutes, to ensure the reach of oil to hair roots-advices hair experts.

Break open a vitamin E capsule and mix it with any kind of oil that you use, vitamin E helps in nourishing your hair.

Mixing coconut oil with a little lemon juice and applying for 2-3 hours keeps the hair soft.
working men and women may opt for professional help for proper head massage with oil such as almond; olive or coconut oil followed by steam (Indian head massage in spa) or can try the various products that are available in market, once every fortnight.

Even massaging the head (scalp) with your fingers without using any oil will increase blood circulation of scalp and makes you relax.

Care while washing hair:

Washing your hair should be limited to 2-3 times in a week as washing your hair everyday, is washing off the natural oils from your scalp you receive naturally. Avoid over do or use mild shampoo if necessary.

Now a day's hydrating or moisturizer rich shampoo and other hair products are available that can help you maintain the moisture in your hair.
Using warm water instead of using very hot water, as very hot water may increase the breakage.
Avoid taking a shower; instead use a pail or a bucket and tumbler while washing your hair.
Using a shampoo that contains vitamin e or soy proteins too strengthens your hair. Try to avoid products, which contain alcohol as this can damage your healthy look.

Shikakia, arnica, jojoba and amla are some very good natural and herbal shampoos available in India using these products while washing surely show best results. Wash your hairbrush or comb least once in fifteen days to keep the dirt away.
In countries where hard water is culprit, it's advisable to use water softener to soften the hard water. If that is not possible, first boil water and let the water cool, then remove the settled minerals. Use this soft water to wash hair.

Why is conditioning important?

Regular conditioning of hairs with good quality conditioner is neccesary, especially for people with long or very thick hair, as they contain moisturizer, which softens hair leaving the texture smooth.

Uses of a hydrating conditioner especially during winter months work best, most conditioners contain botanicals that help hair from drying and breaking easily.

Conditioners help maintain the ph and give your hair a bouncy look; they also contain moisturizing properties, which makes combing easy.
Use of leave in conditioners is found beneficial, especially during winter. Leave in such conditioner for a10-minutes before you rinse it off once every fifteen days. Some conditioners also contain oil; this too is a good option during winter.

Tips on drying your hair:
Drying of hair is as important as massaging or washing, we often ignore this.

The best way of drying hair is to let them dry naturally or use a soft -dry towel to dry your hair, without rubbing it vigorously.

Limit use of a hair dryer; if needed, use by keeping it at cool or low setting.

Use of curling irons should also be limited as they aid in breakage.

Use wide tooth comb to comb wet hair, as wet hair is susceptible to breakage. Try not to twist your wet hair; this can cause you to loose hair.
Home remedies to convert dry hair in to shiny...
Mix gram flour with coconut milk apply to hair and leave for half an hour and then wash to improve look of hair.

Beat an egg and mix it with 2-tablespoon of water and apply on wet hair and then wash after half an hour.

Mix shikakai with coconut milk and apply using hands then wash after 2 hours.

Mix plain yogurt or homemade curds and apply for an hour then rinse your hair, natural yogurt has some unique properties to make your hair shine.
In India, Henna (Mehndi) is commonly used to condition and enhance the look of hair. For that soak henna with water for few hours, or overnight, next morning add an egg. Apply the paste on hair keep it for half an hour to one hour followed by washing of hair. This should be practiced once in month, overuse of it can change hair color.

Do remember, healthy nutritious balanced protein rich diet is must for healthy shining hair.
To keep and maintain health of your hair have a proper portions of proteins in your diet as well as green leafy vegetables. Food rich in vitamin E and A are found beneficial.

Visiting a Salon for hair spa or regular hair treatment can also help to maintain sleek smooth shiny hairs.

Do not neglect the hair; use the simple steps to maintain healthy shiny hair to look young beautiful and confident, even during winter.

Website: http://www.setuhealthcare.com/


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