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Simple ways to overcome the Symptoms of Indigestion

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Author : Dr. Sejal Shah
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Improving your digestion can help improve your performance!

Indigestion is a common term generally used to describe the various symptoms of improper functioning of digestive system. Most of us have experience some of the symptoms of indigestion in our life time, it may be a simple uncomfortable feeling in abdomen after heavy meal or stinky flatus to not feeling relieved after visiting toilet, often leaving us irritable and frustrated. Digestion is a complex process of converting food in to fuel. Proper functioning of digestive organs is must to accomplish the appropriate digestion of the food that we eat. Good digestion holds a key towards optimal health, well-being, keeping us fit and healthy. Indigestion or poor digestion as commonly described can leave you feeling lethargic with reduce working capacity.

In addition to it, improper digestion can make your skin looking dull. Many of us had experienced sleepless night due to burning chest or loud eructation; sulking on the food that you eat at party. Poor functioning of digestive system is a common cause of lower immunity. In some types of headache the root cause is indigestion.

The term Indigestion or poor digestion is commonly used to describe the below mention symptoms:


Gas- loud eructation


Pain in the abdomen

Sometimes nausea

Fullness or uncomfortable feeling

Constipation- not feeling satisfaction after passing stool



Sour eructation

Burping/ Bad smelling flatus

Certain foods can trigger indigestion symptoms for some people. According to UMMC, common food culprits include spicy, rich fatty foods, processed or fermented food, very low or high fibers containing food items. Some disease conditions of digestive tract including IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), hyperacidity, celiac diseases etc and hormonal imbalance during menstruation can also affect the digestion.

Here are a few changes if adopted can lead to an effective way to help you:

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables-Eating fresh fruits especially couple of hours before meals and vegetable salads can naturally help detoxify. Always try to eat meals at room temperature; meals should be not too cold or not too hot.

Try to eat the required mount of fiber-Appropriate amount of fiber is needed for proper digestion, adding a right amount of fiber in your diet can surely prevent constipation. Whole wheat preparation, green leafy vegetables are excellent source of fibers.

Do not overeat-Always eat how much your stomach can take in; avoid overeating, as this can be a major cause for poor digestion. Give at least 4-5 hours before you have another meal to ensure the proper digestion of the food that you have already eaten.

Do not eat in a hurry -Avoid eating in a hurry, stop multitasking while eating; be relaxed. Try to eat your food comfortably paying attention to chewing, as digestion starts from the mouth. The saliva secreted during chewing promotes digestion of food.

Using natural products- Adding natural products like ginger, fresh coconut water, papaya, fresh mints or saunf in your diet can improve digestion naturally.

Avoid exercising immediately after a meal: Always remember not to exercise heavily after a good meal, as digestive organs require more blood for the process of digestion.

Switch to lean proteins- If you are facing the problem of indigestion chronically, it's better to switch on to the food items that are easy to digest such as lean proteins including tofu and fish. Also, make a habit of including vegetables and drinking enough water to balance your diet.

Avoid foods you are allergic to-Some people are allergic to certain food items such as corn, wheat protein (gluten) or milk products (lactose intolerance). If you are allergic, switching to other alternatives such as brown rice, oats, millets would help you to stay away from the common symptoms of indigestion.

Eat meals regularly at regular intervals:
Eating at regular intervals helps you to stay away from unhealthy snacking. Having snacks before meal can disturb your normal appetite resulting in poor digestion.

Soak your beans: People who complain of gas or bloating after eating beans or lentils should try soaking beans and lentils a couple hours before cooking. This will make them easy to digest and soaked lentils also cook easily without consuming much time. It is advisable to consume lentils and beans during day time to avoid indigestion.

Include yogurt and buttermilk in your diet- Butter milk is considered as Amrit (life giving fluid) in some parts of India. Yogurt and buttermilk contain natural probiotics that are known to promote digestion.
Avoid sleeping or lying down immediately after a meal- As far as possible avoid lying down or sleeping immediately after a meal to ensure proper digestion.

Keep hydrating- water is very essential for digestion, drinking enough water during the day is one of the best ways of improving your digestion. Remember; do not drink with meals. Drink water around an hour after meals.

Reduce your intake of caffeine and Alcohol: Most people like having a good cup of coffee or tea with their meals, instead switching to Green tea or herbal teas is a good option. Over consumption of Alcohol can slow down the digestion.
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), poor digestion is usually not serious and may be indicative of a variety of conditions.

Website: http://www.setuhealthcare.com/


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