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Would You Wear a Campaign Button to a Job Interview?! (Career)
  As a part of my practice I often coach clients on improving their interviewing skills. Sometimes clients on the throes of a job interview call me asking to help them practice their interviewing skills. The other need clients have is when they come to me after several of their......
Dilip Saraf
Some Efficiency Hacks to Beat the 61% Overhead! (Career)
According to a recent McKinsey report, todays workforce spends 61% of time managing their work rather than doing it. Thats insane. What this means is that every worker in the business world is spending more time for their mere survival (treading water) than they are spending getting ahead (swimming). Major......
Dilip Saraf
Planning for Winter and Inclement Weather in King Country, Washington (General)
Here are some tips to help you with planning for the winter and inclement weatherHow do I report a snow or iced road?Please contact King County Road ...
Home Remedies for KNEE PAIN, BACK PAIN, JOINTS PAIN (Health & Lifestyle)
Let me share with you proven tools that have used for more than 25 years over half a million people around the world to relieve chronic pain. You can use these tools to improve your quality of life. Dr. Smita Naram
A Lesson in Management Directly from the Bees! (Career)
  Subtext: By giving some, you get a LOT more back!     If the bees were to become extinct, the humanity will soon follow!Einstein   There has been much news about the bees and their survival these days. Just yesterday I read a report that yet three more bee......
Dilip Saraf
Why Trumps travel ban is so harmful to the tech economy (Career)
Silicon Valley exports technology and imports the worlds best talent. That is how it has helped grow Americas economy and boosted its competitive advantage. President Trumps executive orderbanning immigrantsfrom some Muslim countries sent shock waves through the tech industry over the weekend because it...The post Why Trumps travel ban is so harmful to the tech economy appeared first on Vivek Wadhwa
The 10 Quotations that Inspire Me! (Career)
  Quotations are short, pithy statements that often inspire us because of their deep meaning they convey. Here are 10 that I find inspiring and hope that you do to, too! To appreciate the depth of its meaning read each one below, pause, and reflect on what it means to......
Dilip Saraf
What the U.S. can learn from Indias move toward a cashless society (Career)
Silicon Valley fancies itself the global leader in innovation. Its leaders hype technologies such as bitcoin and blockchain, which some claim are the greatest inventions since the Internet. They are so complex that only a few mathematicians can understand them, and they require massive...The post What the U.S. can learn from Indias move toward a cashless society appeared first o...
Vivek Wadhwa
Applying Malcolm Gladwells 10 Success Rules to Your Career! (Career)
Malcolm Gladwell is famous for his eye-opening five best sellers during the past decade. His most recent best seller, Outliers: The Story of Success, incorporates some important rules of success. Although he gives examples for each of the 10 rules of success throughout his five books, it is sometimes difficult......
Dilip Saraf
How Linkedins ProFinder Provides for an Efficient Marketplace! (Career)
LinkedIn recently launched ProFinder to help 17 categories of service providers already on their main platform to connect with their customers in an effective way. You can locate ProFinder on LinkedIn in the Interests tabs drop-down menu. Although LinkedIn itself provides listings in its main database for some 475 million......
Dilip Saraf
Why 2017 is the year of the bot (Career)
In the 2013 movie Her, Theodore Twombly, a lonely writer, falls in love with a digital assistant designed to meet his every need. She sorts emails, helps get a book published, provides personal advice and ultimately becomes his girlfriend. The assistant, Samantha, is A.I....The post Why 2017 is the year of the bot appeared first on Vivek Wadhwa....
Vivek Wadhwa
The Myth of Staying Employable Past 50! (Career)
Many prospects call me and lament their status in todays job market. I have just been laid-off for the second time and I am in my 50s. I cannot afford to retire for another 10-15 years because my youngest son has not entered college yet. I do not know where......
Dilip Saraf
Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome! (Career)
  When I take on new clients I have a Client Intake Questionnaire that they are required to fill out. A prospects response to this CIQ is a rather detailed confession of their needs, apprehensions, and a list of what is holding them back in achieving their goals. Despite its......
Dilip Saraf
Making Time for Innovation! (Career)
Many of my clients are in high-tech and work in engineering, development, and product-creation areas. They are often challenged by their managers to innovate and to develop new products or services that will give their company an edge in the market. This innovation challenge is not just limited to my......
Dilip Saraf
The transport systems of Science Fiction will be here sooner than you think (Career)
Picture the commute of the future: You live in Palo Alto, Calif., but work 350 miles away in Los Angeles. After your morning latte, you click on a smartphone app to summon your digital chauffeur. An autonomous car shows up at your front door...The post The transport systems of Science Fiction will be here sooner than you think appeared first on Vivek Wadhwa

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