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The Root Connection: Local Fresh Produce

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Contributed by : Anuv Vaghul
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What people often fear and hate most about their favorite foods is that they have been artificially engineered to meet the consumer's tastes. Common examples are foods essential to the human diet, such as fruits and vegetables. It is hard to find foods that posses their authentic nutritional value, considering that chemicals are often used to enhance qualities such as growth, size and flavor.

Luckily, with a greater emphasis placed on the production of safer, healthier produce in the past few years, businesses like The Root Connection have thrived within their respective communities.

The Root Connection, located between Redmond and Woodinville, is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm. It is also Washington State"s first CSA farm, and since 1987, has been dedicated to providing the community with chemical-free, fresh produce. 

Utilizing their 16-acre farming land, The Root Connection has developed a wide variety of food and herb plants. Members and visitors are welcomed by the aromatic scent of the growing herb gardens facing the parking lot. Then, they are ushered behind the main building to the farmland where herbs like Basil and Cilantro are growing in well-maintained plots. Neighboring them are rows of vegetables and greens.

All this delicious produce is grown during a 21- week harvesting period. Harvest begins in the first week of June, and culminates in the end of October.

Because The Root Connection is a CSA, members visit weekly to pick up their Share of fresh produce. As the harvesting period passes, the contents of a weekly Share will vary. Shares can contain assorted greens such as lettuce and cabbage, as well as vegetables like carrots, squash and beets.

Root Connection also offers a "U-Pick" service in addition to your Share. This system allows members to pick available greens, herbs, and flowers of their choice. With a large variety of quality U-pick items, members will not be disappointed.

Both these services help promote The Root Connection's goal to provide the highest quality produce directly to your hands, without the use of a third party to transport or store the food for extended periods of time. This way, you can enjoy your favorite foods, without compromising on flavor and nutrition.

Because of its great promise of fresh produce, The Root Connection has developed a loyal customer base. "We get around 700 customers per week," said Claire Thomas, the owner of The Root Connection. Thomas has been running The Root Connection since its inception, and loves seeing members bring their family and friends to pick and fill their stomachs with nutrition-rich vegetables and greens. Thomas mentioned, "here, parents are not only teaching their children about produce when they visit, but are passing on the tradition of eating healthy by including them." While the majority of their clients are from the Eastside, their mission has also attracted people from beyond their locale, as The Root Connection has delivery sites in Seattle and Lynnwood.

Thomas referred to this as an inspiration for the name "Root Connection." She suggests that we are all rooted and connected in our appreciation and utilization of healthy farming and the beneficial effects it has on our well-being.

Overall, The Root Connection is a family-friendly CSA farm that offers a variety of fresh and delicious produce. Your path to a natural, healthier diet starts with a visit!

Website: www.rootconnection.com


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