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The Art of Creating Friends!!!

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Contributed by : Saha Nathan
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You can get into anybody's heart if you know the art of making friendship .God has created human beings to think about the friendship with harmony, moment you get into harmony with somebody then that life will become a part of paradise.

What is harmony in friendship?

It is called" inter dependency" and this could happen between any two person without expecting anything from each other. We can get into others minds if you understand others mind.

"Whatever the friendships in this world that should not have done like an arrangement ".

"Whatever the friendships in this world that should not have become a compulsion " .

The real friendship should come by unconditional love and the moment you start showing your unconditional love to somebody for whom you like to show your love and affection then you will easily get into that person's heart .The key is unconditional love or without expecting anything .The moment you start
expecting from a person then that is not called the real friendship.

Most of them are in this world using friendship like "politics", that means doing something with expectation, I tell you that you will not achieve a long lasting friendship in this way....In other way if you start expecting something from your friend/ partner then it will become as a business.

Frustration comes if you are not getting what you want it, once frustration comes then your mind will get into agitation and that agitation will make you to do anything to achieve your desires but finally you will not achieve anything, instead of that you will lose that person.

In other way, 'be fare to yourself'. You have to connect with your inner feelings first and ask yourself that Am I right? Or Am I living integrated life?...that could make you understand the process of friendship.

In the picture:

The real example of friendship, the two living legends in Tamil cinema, Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have known each other since their earlier days in cinema; in fact Rajini's debut was in Kamal's Apoorva Ragangal. Both have rightfully earned the names Superstar and Ulaganayagan, for while one is the biggest star in Indian cinema, the other is a mufti-faceted actor who has introduced new nuances in cinema.

About Author
An experienced writer and counselor in relationship management with 15 years of research and development on human relationships and emotions
  • Author of a renowned book, CRM: A Step-by-Step Approach, which is prescribed for graduate programs in 25 Indian universities
  • Speaks frequently on relationships, and his sessions are broadcast daily on Merina America 24-Hour Tamil Radio (www.merina.com)
  • Saha is very passionate about his idols, he practices what he writes.

  • To reach Saha Nathan:
    Please e-mail him at saha_crm@yahoo.com or visit his Web site: http://www.thenewbeginningnow.com/

    Website: http://www.thenewbeginningnow.com/2013/02/the-art-of-making-friendships.html


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