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Pilates: Best Way to Improve Your Body Fitness

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Contributed by : Dr. Sejal Shah

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Pilates - an effective way of improving whole body health by whole body commitment; an unique way of keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Are you tired of those repeated exercises in gyms but still not getting fitness result for years? Are you strict dieter or serious aerobic performer but unable to reduce weight? Are you finding hard to work with flexibility and awareness? Then you are at right place at right time. Yes, it's a time to give a thought for Pilates.

People doing Pilates have experienced that they become stronger, longer, leaner and more flexible to do anything with comfort. Reason is, as Pilates focus on strengthening and stretching of whole body muscles instead of building group of bulky muscles.

What is Pilates?
Pilates is a form of physical fitness exercise program developed by Joseph Pilates in 1920's in Germany. Joseph called this method as 'contrology', as he thought that it uses mind to control body muscles.

Basic theme of Pilates program is the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and body awareness to improve posture and balance. Originally, Pilates was used for rehabilitation program for soldiers of war and dancers to strengthen the body. Later, it was found to be useful for improving fitness of almost all kinds of people.

Main foundation of Pilates is toning and building of core muscles and trunk, which is main supporter of body frame. Most adventitious fact about Pilates is that it works considerably for broad range of people like beginners, athletes, dancer, post-pregnancy, senior citizens, and people at various stages of rehabilitation.

Uniqueness of Pilates due to core strength, trunk and joint stability, and six principles makes it most popular exercise system in the modern world.

Six principles of Pilates

Success of Pilates system is due to following six principles.

  • Concentration

Pilates exercises are performed with concentration, focusing your attention on what you are doing.

  • Control

Every movement performed in Pilates is under control of your mind.

  • Centering

All Pilates exercises begin from 'body center or powerhouse' and spread out to periphery such as movement starts from abdomen, upper and lower back, buttocks, hips and inner thigh and then spread to limbs.

  • Flow of movements

Pilates exercises demand flow of movements with the help of suitable transitions.

  • Precision

Pilates exercises center on correct movements only rather than repeating of movements.

  • Breathing

Pilates breathing is named as posterior lateral breathing because person is trained to

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