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Subject: is it single in here or is it just me?
Name: Tetro
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 6''
Details: The Tetro fact cheat sheet: 1. An Argentine/Texan (an extraordinary combination) born and raised in Houston, Tx. Just moved back to Houston after living in Quebec for the past five years. 2. Comedic, witty and charming best describe my personality and be wary what you say around me or I'll hit you with "That's what she said" 3. Guilty pleasures: Vodka, almond joy, jolly ranchers, 1950s rockabilly fashion, british comedies and symphonies. 4. Future goals: travel to more foreign countries like Korea, Russia or Croatia and learn new languages. Do an original comedic stand-up act at the Inprov open mic night. 5. I'm a non-practicing vegan, my mind doesn't want meat but my mouth lacks the discipline so I host meat fiestas in my stomach.
Interested in : Female for Dating
Looking For: I'm interested in someone not boring. Someone who loves to laugh.
Member of:HoustonIndian.net
Last Login12/30/2015 10:57:00 AM
Occupation:Hazmat Tech


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