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Subject: Needle in a Haystack
Name: wittynatureguy
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 5''
Details: Energetic, non-practicing Jewish man with an eye for the exotic. I am not your ordinary American. Born in the South Bronx (New York City), I moved to Little Neck with my parents and brother in the mid-50s. I a I am a little different from most guys you will find online or perhaps elsewhere. Maybe a lot, depending on your prior experience and expectations. Not necessarily better as we all have something to offer but not run-of-the-mill, either. I am as sincere and real as they come. Though it's nice, interesting and somewhat revealing to exchange information about the places we’ve been, things we’ve done, people we’ve known or with whom we’ve been involved, that really does not say much about who we are on the inside. But that is what interests me most and hope you feel the same. Many varied interests, especially nature and animals, birdwatching, history, movies, most kinds of music, photography, travel, anthropology, astronomy, languages, other cultures, growing things, cooking, sports (though my interest has greatly waned over the years--ask me about shaking hands with my boyhood idol Mickey Mantle or attending the 1969 World Series). Follow a green and healthy lifestyle. I am mostly vegan. Working to stay on a spiritual path, free of arrogance, smugness or self-righteousness while hopefully providing a beacon to all those with whom I come into contact. Have experienced a fair amount of international travel, thanks in large part to my time with Pan Am. Been to London, Rome, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, Kenya, Rio de Janeiro, several Caribbean islands. I volunteer at Cat Town Café in Oakland, Golden Gate Audubon, film and music festivals, veg events, among others. Never met an animal I disliked. Helping to spread the word about an enlightened ethos of sustainability (local and global) as well as compassionate treatment of ALL living things, including Earth itself.
Interested in : Female for Dating
Looking For: Like me you are presumably seeking someone for companionship, intimacy, friendship, love, passion. Please be reasonably attractive, in fairly good shape (a few pounds is fine, esp. if distributed in the right places). I am searching for a woman who is warm, affectionate, intelligent, compassionate, kind, caring, aware of and interested in the world, independent yet looking for a deep connection with the right man. Must love animals and at least open to being vegetarian or vegan.
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